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| 14 May 2019 | LinkedIn

I use LinkedIn as the medium to publish short articles. This is the compilation of references to those articles. Some of them are in the Dutch language.

Highlighted articles

The path to data driven maturity — a maturity model for data driven organisations.

On context and tacit knowledge — the obstacle course for organisations to ‘become data driven’.

On Complexity — how complexity manifests itself in data initiatives.

Chronological overview, from old to new

De impact van beschikbaarheidseisen — an example of what availability requirements translate to in reality. (Dutch language)

Datamodelleren: regels zijn een aanwijzing, niet een gebod — about the difference in following the rules and understanding the system of a data modelling approach. (Dutch language).

Data as a factor of production — If we regard data to be a production factor, how will we regulate it, like the classical production factors of labour and capital?

The human actor in working with data — the role of humans in BI and analytics processes is underexposed. The prelude to the complexity of information projects series.

The rise of the data platform — a exploration of what the term data platform represents.

De betreurenswaardige staat van digitale architectuur — a critical contemplation of the condition of the field of architecture in IT. (Dutch language).

2018: the year we discover that the success factor of data is humans — the shift from a technological perspective on the use of data to a human perspective.

Help! Hebben we de juiste technologie gekozen? — a reflection on the unjustified emphasis on the choice of technology instead of addressing the real challenges. (Dutch language).

The end of the IT department as we know it — an opinion on the necessary change in how organise the IT department.

The promise of technology and every day reality — the hype surrounding technology, as propelled by professionals on media channels like LinkedIn and Medium, does not reflect day to day reality.

De onmacht van data architectuur — the discrepancy between technology focus of most data architectures and the guidance people seek from it. (Dutch language).

Het beheer van analytics leidt in 2018 nog steeds tot moeizame discussies — why BI and analytics are still a field of knowledge that asks for a different way or working, even in 2018. (Dutch language).

Data and technology: 200 ways to drive a nail into the wall — on the emphasis of technology push because of technology.

In data land the world is flat (despite the evidence it isn’t) — a reflection on leaning to ignore the complexity inherent to working with data, which results in addressing the wrong issues.

Robots gaan niet uit eten. Hoe relevant is dat? — a reflection on the stalling of economic productivity in an age of automation and robotization. (Dutch language).

The (ab)use of the words “data lake” — an overview of the interpretations of what the term data lake represents.

Data governed as. A primer for managers — about the necessary changes in data management across the life cycle of information.

De keuzecoach voor data vraagstukken — the story of how we practice our job as an architect. (Dutch language)

Real-time data​: enter the confusion zone — what are you actually asking for if you ask for real-time data?

What to expect from data architects? — a reflection on the craft of a data architect.

22 years in data​: learnings for the future — the state of affairs of data land after two decades and a call-to-action to improve for the next decades.

Snowflake — A new generation of technology that incorporates the lessons learned of 30 years of data warehouses en data platform challenges, and which helps data engineers to do their jobs instead of thwarting them.

Why is implementing data solutions so hard? — the use of data solutions is often disappointing. What are the causes and how to avoid this.

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