An end to the data fairy tale (2/2)

| 9 March 2021 | Others

In the first part, I addressed the nature of data and our struggles in working with data. I concluded with the observation that despite this struggle, we keep on collecting more and more data. Why are we doing this? An above all, what are the consequences of our data hoarding? Why do we collect all this data? As... keep on reading

An end to the data fairy tale (1/2)

| 8 March 2021 | Others

It has been 20 years since the DotCom crash and the introduction of the term ‘web 2.0’ in its aftermath. Web 2.0 did put focus on interaction with data. I have grown up as a ‘data professional’ in the same period. Looking back on those 20 years, I can sum it up in three bullet points: Connectivity (internet),... keep on reading