Connected architecture is an architecture aimed at both the usage and processing of information. This is an architecture which structures both the organisation of the information request as well as the implementation of information solutions in the data landscape.

Connected architecture links the data in the data landscape, offers design patterns and implementations to create an information eco-system of coherent data environments.

In this way, connected architecture is an architecture which balances the needs of people, processes and information in an evolving data landscape.

Connected architecture: the end of information chaos

Illustration depicting a connected data landscape
— written by Marnix Dalebout and Martijn ten Napel We live in an age where data technology is developing at an accelerated pace. The massive increase in information and its possible applications have led to an increase in complexity and information chaos. We see a lot of companies struggling with their data use.... keep on reading

How connected architecture came into being

Together exploring an unknown future
The story which we tell in  “Connected Architecture: the end of information chaos” is founded in the convictions we have built up by practical experience in the many projects which we have carried out.  Our view on the world of data Changeability in organisations and their environments has grown. That is unlikely... keep on reading

Creating tailwind for your data organisation

Wind mee voor de data organisatie organiseren
Data gets value by applying the insights derived from it. Therefore, the responsibility for organising data is with the people who apply the insights. They know what information they need. The BI departments, BI competency centres, analytics departments and IT departments of most organisations struggle with organising... keep on reading

Connected architecture framework: emphasis on the organisation of data

Architectural approaches in the BI, analytics and data work fields, emphasise ‘what’ you should do. These approaches are technically based. They are all about blueprints and relevant methods. They prescribe how you should implement the solutions, the rules for data modelling and data logistics and how you can ensure that... keep on reading

Connecting people in connected architecture

Data related initiatives are often laborious. Obtaining, adapting and maintaining information solutions takes more effort than you would like. The through time of projects is increasing. In the series “the complexity of data projects” I explained what causes this. One of the consequences is that the call for data... keep on reading