Privacy Statement

Preach What You Practice is a website that shares information with the outside world. Personal data is not collected.

I don’t use trackers or any other software to collect data about the use of the website. It is not of use to me, it doesn’t change what I write or how I present it to you.

Preach What You Practice uses WordPress software to maintain this website and to present its content. WordPress uses cookies. For instance, it remembers the choice in the language switcher when you open different articles. The cookies have no other purpose than a technical necessity to let the website work as intended.

Is a privacy statement overkill for a website like this?
I earn my living with defining and securing the conditions set for collecting, analysing and using data. Privacy is one of those conditions. To consider personal data is second nature to me. I do understand the necessity for the legislation though, I need to be explicit about what I do with your data. Or in my case, the conscious choice to refrain from collecting any personal data. This statement is a little more than just a legal obligation, it reflects how I feel about the subject for my website.