Taming the data beast

| 30 October 2018 | Others

The digital company and analytics are not synonyms. The common denominator is the acquisition, transformation and use of information.

Digitisation of business processes has a profound impact on how businesses are run and on where and how analytics are being used to optimize those business processes. The flood of information, instigated by digitisation, multiplies the challenge of letting information work for you. A challenge that is common in the field of data warehousing, for 30 years now.

The challenge won’t disappear, it is a fact of life. Working with data is a hard job. In this article, I explore the root causes of why it is complicated and why it will never get easy; it is the nature of the information use process.

I believe I share the my most fundamental insight in the article. You need to register to download the piece, I am sorry about that, but it has given me the opportunity to share this on a larger platform than just this website.

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